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Venus Trine Pluto Detox Bath

Venus Trine Pluto Detox Bath

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The Venus Trine Pluto Detox Bath is a spiritual bath that embodies the sweet, peaceful, & luxurious energies & frequency (221.23 Hz) of the planet Venus & the transformational, healing, & protective energies & frequency (140.25 Hz) of the planet Pluto. In astology, this is a very powerful transit, which is what inspired the creation of the Venus Trine Pluto Detox Bath. When both of these planets come together in a harmonious way, it creates a magical energy that's rejuvenating & empowering.



  •  helps you cleanse negative energies from your aura that you may have asorbed from being around energy vampires/negative people, ill wishes sent towards you


  • can be used when doing shadow work to release heavy emotions. weighing on your heart chakra & bring peace of mind.


  • This bath can also help you to rejuvenate your mind, body, & spirit as well as restore your energy after experiencing a psychic attack (a conscious or unconscious sending of negative energy from either a person or a negative spirit entity) as well as prevent psychic attack by creating a protective shield around your aura.


  • assists with raising your vibration & makes you a magnet for pleasurable experiences


  •  increases your self love & encourages emotional balance


  • increases your self love, self worth/confidence, & encourages emotional balance



1. Say this prayer while holding the spell candle in your hand: “I remove all negative energy from my aura & from my life! I call back all of my power & my light. All blockages are now removed from my path & I’m protected from evil eyes. I’m protected from gossip & lies. Ancestors rejuvenate my mind, body, & spirit. I’m open to receiving loving & healing!” Say it with intent! Then light the candle.

2. Then put 2-3 tablespoons of bath salts in bath water. Soak for 20-30 mins! Imagine yourself being cleansed with a golden light all over your body! Imagine yourself breathing in this golden light. Imagine the golden light running through your veins.


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