Vibe Check (Tarot Reading + Aura Cleanse)

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Vibe Check (Tarot Reading + Aura Cleanse)

I created this service is to assist you with detoxifying negative energies from the aura that may have been caused by heartbreak, toxic relationships, toxic environments, & traumatic experiences in general as well as bring you clarity & insight about what steps to take next along your life path.

This service includes a quartz crystal sound bath played by me  for cleansing energy blockages within your chakras & cleansing negative energy from the aura 

This service includes

  • in-depth 30 minute channeled message from your spirit guides giving insight on your current circumstances & the near future as well as any other messages from your spirit guides that you need to hear right now to bring more peace, happiness, & success
  • 10 minute Crystal Sound Bath for cleansing energy blockages in the chakras & cleansing negative energy from the aura


Benefits of sound bath healing:

-Rejuvenate the mind, body, & spirit

-Cleanses the aura

-Restores peace of mind/mental clarity

-Reduces anxiety/stress

-Stimulates the immune system

-Reduces depression

-Balances mood

-Raises the vibration

This service is recorded & sent out via email. The wait time is 10-12 days. Thanks for your patience + respecting my boundaries in advance. Make sure your email is included when the purchase is made.




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