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Venus Trine Pluto Detox Bath

Venus Trine Pluto Detox Bath

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The Venus Trine Pluto Detox Bath has the relaxing & beautifying benefits of Venus as well as the detoxifying, cleansing, & protective benefits of Pluto.

This bath can be used for

  • cleansing negative energies from your aura that you may have asborbed from being around energy vampires/negative people, or  ill wishes sent towards you
  • can be used when doing shadow work to release heavy emotions.
  • rejuvenate your mind, body, & spirit as well as restore your energy after experiencing a psychic attack, as well as prevent psychic attack by creating a protective shield around your aura.
  • raising your vibration & makes you a magnet for abundance as well as pleasurable experiences
  • increasing your self love & emotional balance
  • increases self worth/confidence, & encourages emotional balance
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