64 Tetrahedron Crystal Grid

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64 Tetrahedron Crystal Grid
64 Tetrahedron Crystal Grid

A crystal grid is a pattern of crystals and stones arranged into a specific shape. When crystals come together and infused with a specific intention, their energies and properties are magnified.

Bring the powerful & sacred energies of the 64 Tetrahedron (8 star tetrahedron) with this gorgeous wooden crystal grid. 

This symbol holds the geometry of the vacuum of all matter. Also known as the “vehicle of light”. This symbol is made of two tetrahedrons, one facing down the other up, interconnected through their planes. A complete equilibrium that all life and all creation is based on. 

64 tetrahedron is symbolic to linking up our individual spiritual paths with our star or soul family in perfect harmony. It holds this energy due to its combination of tree’s of life which are symbolic to an individuals path to Source or God. 

Adding crystals to this grid amplifies the energy of this sacred geometric shape (crystals sold separately) & bring energies of peace & harmony to your home as well as connect you to your divinity.

length: 12x12 inches


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