Room Rejuvenation Package

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Room Rejuvenation Package

Are you a healer (psychic tarot reader, energy worker, herbal doctor etc.), empath, star seed, or a person that's sensitive to different energies needing to transform your space into your personal sanctuary & make it a place you can retreat, rejuvenate/recharge yourself after a long day of being out & about, a place you feel completely at peace, & make you feel more grounded & safe? If this sounds like you, let me help you redecorate your space!

As an empath & healer (tarot reader & energy worker) I know how crucial it is to have a space that is your sanctuary & to also have a place to recharge yourself (I know working with a bunch of clients can really be taxing of your energy!). Even if you work from home, I know how important it is to a peaceful environment to conduct your services & get work done.

With the Room Rejuvenation Package, I will use information from the initial consultation, your astrological birth chart, color palettes based on the aura (& your preference) & use the principles of Feng Shui to come up with the concept for the room.

Your e-Design will include:
•Inspiration Boards with furnishings, materials and décor selections
•Product Source List and purchase information
•Paint Palette and Custom Fabric selections
•Design Notes and suggestions for pulling it all together