Return To Your Roots: Ancestral Shadow Work Ceremony (Hosted by @TwanTheMystik + @Oscar_Olivia_Ixchel)

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Return To Your Roots: Ancestral Shadow Work Ceremony (Hosted by @TwanTheMystik + @Oscar_Olivia_Ixchel)

RETURN TO YOUR ROOTS 🌲 An Ancestral Shadow Work Ceremony 💀🕯🔮

Hosted by: @TwanTheMystik & @Oscar_Olivia_Ixchel

When: Thursday, July 29th at 6pm PT / 9pm ET

Where: Private Live Zoom Call (will not be recorded)

Price: $66.66

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What: WE ARE OUR ANCESTORS REINCARNATED ⚡️Walking and breathing vessels of ancient power and sacred wisdom, we all are! Join us in this special one of a kind ancestral shadow work ceremony where we will assist you in reclaiming, recalling, and remembering your roots and the potency that your lineage holds.


RETURN TO YOUR ROOTS has been curated with precise devoted spiritual intention for the highest and most transformative results when it comes to ancestral elevation, veneration, and invocation. This will be a sacred portal where you will MEET your ancestors and TOGETHER do some heavy healing work to assist you in moving forward in ALL areas of your life (work, career, money, health, love, spiritual growth, self-worth, family wounds).


Not only will you meet your ancestors, but the connection you form with them during this event will stay with you for lifetimes, and you will gain tools to independently formulate clearer accessibility to them moving forward.

What does this include:

  • Candle Magick Ceremony,
  • Live Sound Bath Activation,
  • Shamanic Trance Mediation,
  • Ritual Offering for participants
  • A dual collective reading by both @TwanTheMystik & @Oscar_Olivia_Ixchel to assist you in integrating your experiences

This is an event like no other that you will not want to miss! All our BIPOC folx front and center! We are dedicated to restoring BIPOC power through reconnection with our sacred dead (ancestors)! Please let us know if you have any questions! Email

Limited capacity of 25 people - sign up before it sells out!

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