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Heart-Shaped Rose Quartz Crystal Bowl (Reiki Infused)

Heart-Shaped Rose Quartz Crystal Bowl (Reiki Infused)

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Rose quartz is a powerful crystal that has been known for centuries for it's amazing abilities to soothe & heal the heart. It can assist with cultivating more self love as well as bring more love & harmony in friendships, family relationships, & romantic relationships. Having rose quartz in the home can also assist with creating a peaceful home environment & bring the people living in the home closer together. Rose quartz can also be used for healing the heart after experiencing loss & heartbreak. It helps to mend the heart so that you're able to forgive & move on.

These gorgeous heart shaped rose quartz crystal bowls have been infused with the powerfully healing energies of reiki & can be used to heal a blocked heart chakra. They can also be used to charge other crystals & even your jewelry!

You receive one rose quartz per purchase. Each one ranges in size from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches.

All purchases are final.

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