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Eclipse Energy Reading

Eclipse Energy Reading

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The Eclipse Energy Reading is a private reading all about how the upcoming new moon eclipse in Taurus (April 30) & full moon eclipse in Scorpio (May 16) will be effecting your life.

Eclipse energy usually lasts up to 18 months & can transform your life in big ways that often feel out of our control. This reading is meant to give you insight into these upcoming changes & how to navigate through these changes.

In this reading I will:

  • Look into your birth chart to see what houses these eclipses will be transiting in your chart to see what areas of your life it will be effecting
  • I will pull tarot cards to channel messages from spirit to see how to navigate through any transitions or important decisions you need to make at this time
  • I will also give you any other important messages your spirit guides want you to know at this time.

This reading is voice recorded & will be sent out on April 30 via email the day of the new moon eclipse  SO MAKE SURE ITS CORRECT. THIS READING IS NOT LIVE. 

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