Crystal Sound Bowl Aura Cleanse

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Crystal Sound Bowl Aura Cleanse

The intention of this session is to detoxify negative energies from the aura that can be caused by heartbreak, toxic relationships, toxic environments, & traumatic experiences in general. It will help to restore peace of mind after experiencing these hurtful things & rejuvenate the body & spirit.

During this session, I will be playing my quartz crystal sound bowl in order to facilitate the sound healing for the meditation. All you have to do is lay back & relax while I play my sound bowl (via Zoom Video Chat). The session is 30 minutes long with a BONUS 10 minutes included to give you an intuitive reading meant to advice you about how you can further your healing journey.


-Rejuvenate the mind, body, & spirit

-Cleanses the aura

-Restores peace of mind/mental clarity

-Reduces anxiety/stress

-Stimulates the immune system

-Reduces depression

-Balances mood

-Raises the vibration