Astrological Birth Chart Reading

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Astrological Birth Chart Reading

Did you know that your date of birth, time of birth, & location of birth can give you a blue print of your highest potential? Most people just know about their sun sign (the sign you were born under) but not everyone knows that we have a whole birth chart that makes up different aspects of ourselves such as our moon sign, venus sign, mercury sign, etc.

Knowing your birth chart can give you insight into strengths & talents that you carry within you, but can also give you insight into your weaknesses & how to overcome them so that you can grow. During this session we will go through your birth chart & talk about each of the planets in your birth chart (sun sign, venus sign, mars sign, etc.), the house that it's in, & how these planets interact with each other in your chart. This reading is 30 minutes long. & done via zoom

Benefits of this reading:

-Learning your strengths & your talents (especially ones you may not be aware of) so that you can use them to your advantage

-Learning your weaknesses so that you're able to overcome them & grow

-It can help you understand who you truly are at the deepest level, outside of who everyone else said you were or who you should be


When making your purchase PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR DATE OF BIRTH (YEAR INCLUDED), THE TIME OF BIRTH, & LOCATION OF BIRTH IN THE NOTES SECTION. yYour reading will be done via zoom. Your birth information must be correct or else the reading will not be accurate.


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