My Art Portfolio

Twan Kaikpo also known as Twan The Mystik is a self taught artist residing in North Atlanta. She has been a lover and creator of art since she was a child, then became a professional artist in 2016. Twan specializes in canvas paintings and digital collage art. She is always learning new art mediums to add to her skill set. When creating her work, she mostly uses acrylic paints, glitter, & oil markers. For her digital work, she uses Procreate.
Twan has shown her work at many different art shows including: the “Art House” show several times (February 2018, May 2018, July 2018, April 2019, June 2019, August 2019). Twan mostly shows/sells her artwork online & has gained over 20k followers on her Instagram page from sharing her work as well as well as sharing spiritual content (
Twan’s work is inspired by her love for spirituality & most of her art has a spiritual theme. Her work is also inspired by black women. With Twan being a black woman herself, she loves to use black women as subjects in her work so other they can see themselves in her work because representation matters!