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Who Are Your Ancestors: Oracle Reading + Sound Bath Healing Session

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Who Are Your Ancestors: Oracle Reading + Sound Bath Healing Session

The intention of this session is to assist those of you that want to connect with your ancestors & know more about who they were, what you’ve inherited from them, & how to break negative generational patterns.

This session includes:

  • 30 min tarot + oracle reading (live)
  • 30 min reiki + sound healing session (live)

During the tarot & Oracle reading we will discuss

  • Which ancestors are currently surrounding you right now & what they were like
  • What talents/gifts you’ve inherited from them
  • What generational patterns that have been passed down from them that needs to be healed
  • How you can honor your lineage
  • Any other messages they have for you

during the reiki & sound healing portion of the session:

  • I will be playing my root chakra sound bowl & sacral chakra tongue drum as well as clearing out stagnant energy within the root & sacral chakra that may be blocked due to traumatic experiences that your ancestors experienced that may have been passed down to you (you may also receive more messages from your ancestors while in meditative state)
  • all you have to do is lay back & relax


How to book:

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