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What Is Your True Life Purpose: Oracle + Sound Bath Healing Session

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What Is Your True Life Purpose: Oracle + Sound Bath Healing Session

The intention of this session is to assist those of you that want to get clear about what your true life purpose is & start getting aligned with your purpose as soon as possible! This session includes:

  • 30 min tarot + oracle reading (live)
  • 30 min reiki + sound healing session (live)

During the tarot & Oracle reading we will look at:

  • Your birth chart, specifically your sun, moon, rising, north node, Jupiter, 10th house cusp & part of fortune to see which planets are supporting your life purpose
  • Your life path number to gain more insight about your life purpose 
  • I will also pull cards to receive messages from spirit regarding your life purpose.

during the reiki & sound healing portion of the session:

  • I will be playing my root chakra sound bowl & sacral chakra tongue drum as well as clearing out stagnant energy within the root & sacral chakras to activate more confidence within yourself so that you’re able to confidently walk your chosen path without fear
  • all you have to do is lay back & relax

How to book:

  • Click BUY NOW
  • Include email & CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS
  • You will receive a link via email within 24-48 hours to book a time & date for your session
  • In the email I will also ask you to send me your date of birth, place of birth, & time of birth

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