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Spiritual Growth & Transformation Oracle Reading

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Spiritual Growth & Transformation Oracle Reading

The intention of the Spiritual Growth & Transformation  Oracle Reading is to channel messages from your spirit guides, ancestors, & Spirit that will help cultivate your spiritual growth, & help you make changes that will be for your highest good, so that you're able to break negative & repetitive cycles


Benefits of this reading:

-Making the changes suggested in the reading will heal your bloodline & break negative generational patterns that have been passed down, so that it won't continue to be passed down

-Deciding to make these changes can bring more personal satisfaction into your personal life, your love life, & your career

-Having more awareness about what needs to be changed can help to stop attracting toxic & unsatisfying situations/relationships over & over again.


This reading is done via Zoom PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME & DATE OF BIRTH IN THE NOTES SECTION WHEN MAKING YOUR PURCHASE. The reading will be 30 mins. long


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