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Candle Spellwork

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Candle Spellwork

Candle magic can be a great way to summon the power of Spirit, deities, your spirit guides, your ancestor, & other benevolent spirits to manifest the outcome you desire into your reality by putting intentions into the candle, using certain herbs & oils, & using certain color candles. 

This is a customized service where I will be doing spellwork using a glass 7 day candle (will burn it for 7 days or less), custom herbs, & custom oils according to your needs & what you want to manifest! I will update you every 2-3 days to let you know how the candle is burning & the energies I'm picking up from the candle. The day the flame goes out, I will read the candle wax residue from the candle for you to let you know what the outcome of the spellwork will be.

Candle spellwork can help you manifest:

-Better health

-Healthy & loving romantic & platonic relationships

-More money

-A better job or successful career


-A better mindset

-Transmute negative energy someone tried to send to you

& so much more.


-results aren't always instantaneous

-I will not do any work to force someone to be with you

-I will not do work that harms others

-I start my spellwork on sundays, wednesdays, thursdays, & fridays. If you put in your order in on one of the days that's not listed, I will start on your candle on one of the days that's listed.




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