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Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal (With Muscovite Crystal) (Small)

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Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal (With Muscovite Crystal) (Small)
Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal (With Muscovite Crystal) (Small)

Black tourmaline is the best crystal for completely wiping out negativity from your space! It absorbs heavy & negative energy, then transmutes it into more positive & lighter energy. Black tourmaline corresponds with the root chakra & can be used to remove root chakra blockages as well as make you feel more grounded & safe in your body. It helps to soothe your worries, relieve anxiety, & create peace of mind.

Black tourmaline is a powerfully protective stone for those who are sensitive to electromagnetic forces, especially if you're someone who works on your laptop, phone, or other tech gadgets. Black tourmaline is also great for boosting the the immune system & improving blood circulation.Muscovite crystal is also included in this crystal! Muscovite assists with expanding the consciousness & communicating with deities. This makes this stone perfect for exploring the spiritual realm while staying grounded & protecting your energy from lower vibrational entities.

1 black tourmaline crystal per purchase. Sizes range from 2-3 1/2 inches.

All purchases are final.

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