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Venus Vibes Room + Aura Spray

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Venus Vibes Room + Aura Spray

If you're looking for a quick & easy  way to raise your vibration & remove negative energy from your home & aura(who isn't?), then my Venus Vibes Room + Aura Spray is just right for you! This room & aura mist is infused with the powerfully healing & cleansing energies of reiki, love, & the planetary frequency of Venus (221.23 Hz).

The intention of this spray is to bring to help you embody the wonderful traits associated with the planet Venus such as self love, beauty, wealth, peace, & harmony as well as awaken the divine feminine energy within you & also bring the energies of peace & harmony to your space as well. The ingredients used in this spray were chosen with those intentions in mind


  • Cedarwood oil
  • Rose Water
  • Florida Water
  • Grapefruit oil
  • As well as other wonderful smelling ingredients


Benefits of using the Venus Vibes + Aura Spray:

  • Quick & easy way to raise your vibration
  • Cleanse your aura from negativity
  • Remove negative energy from your space
  • Embody divine feminine energy
  • Attract wealth
  • Create peace of mind
  • Great to use after a long day of being around people with lower vibrations

    other information:

    • 8 oz)
    • Shake before using
    • Store in cool & dry place

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