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Sage & Lavender Smudging Wand

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Sage & Lavender Smudging Wand
Sage & Lavender Smudging Wand

For centuries, sage has been used right before spiritual practices, rituals, & ceremonies to cleanse an area of harmful energies. Sage can be used to remove negative energies & entities from your space & provide protection for anyone in that space. The lavender included in the smudge stick is meant to bring peace, calmness, & sweetness (must always burn a "sweet" herb after using a cleansing herb) to your space. Rose of Jericho is known as the resurrection plant. It has the ability to help rejuvenate the spirit, remove negative entities for your home, & prevent those negative entities from having any influence in your life. Using this smudging wand can be a very simple way to energetically cleanse your aura as well after a long day of work or being around a lot of different energies.

*Remember to open your windows when smudging your house

You will receive ONE sage & lavender smudging wand.


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