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Home Cleansing Kit

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Home Cleansing Kit

The Home Cleansing Kit is perfect for anyone who just moved into a new house & want to cleanse any negative energies that could be left over from the previous owners &/or for anyone who just wants to cleanse their home & aura often

The difference between the Home Cleansing Kit & the smudge wands is that the Home Cleansing Kit comes with more items that assist with the energetic up keep of your home

1 lavender & sage smuding wand: cleanses aura & space

1 alabone shell: cleanses aura & space, brings peace & clarity, removes mental, emotional, & spiritual blockages (used when burning sage)

1 peacock feather: wards of negative spirits, protection from negative spirits, good luck, prosperity 

2 rose quartz crystals: creates a loving environment full of peace & harmony


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