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Dragon's Blood Incense (Hand Dipped)

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Dragon's Blood Incense (Hand Dipped)
Dragon's Blood Incense (Hand Dipped)
Dragon's Blood Incense (Hand Dipped)

If you're looking for a way to amplify the energies of your spell work, you should definitely try our Dragon's Blood Incense!

Dragon Blood incense has a powerful energy & enhances the power of your spell work when it's being used as you do your magic! It has the ability to raise your vibration, remove negative energies from your space, & also has a grounding energy. Dragon's blood incense has a very sweet but musky & intoxicating scent which is why it's been a favorite across many culturies & countries for many centuries. These incense can be very affective when working with dragon magic & fire magic.

Benefits of Dragon's Blood:

  • Amplify the intentions of your spell work
  • Raises your vibration
  • Removes negative energy from your space
  • Perfect for working with dragon & fire magic
  • Great for cleansing your space
  • Useful for people who do divination or healing work.

Includes 20 handipped incense sticks.


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