New Moon in Cancer 2021 Tarotscopes For Your Sign

New Moon in Cancer 2021 Tarotscopes For Your Sign

Want to know how the new moon in Cancer on July 9, 2021 will affect your sign? Well keep on reading! 



Hey it's your girl Twan the Mystik, back with another dope blog post for you all. I hope the last one brought you tons of inspiration and clarity. This week, we have a new moon in Cancer on July 9, 2021. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, so expect to feel extra Cancer-like under this new moon energy! What I mean by that is, the sign Cancer is usually associated with emotions, intuition, the mother, creativity, family, & the divine some of these things may be a theme for you this week (especially intuition and emotions!). First let's talk about how this new moon in Cancer will affect the collective as a whole.


How The New Moon in Cancer Will Affect The Collective

This new moon in Cancer will be encouraging us to get really honest with ourselves and pay close attention to our intuition/feelings! How do you feel about certain situations in your life? Do they feel right or feel wrong? Is this situation/career/relationship nourishing you or making you feel drained and under valued. For a lot of you, you've been giving too much time and energy away to people, a job/career, or some type of situation that really doesn't deserve your energy. Haven't you noticed that this has been a theme for the last couple of months with each of the new/full moons that have occured?

This new moon in Cancer will definitely be showing us how we continuously allow this cycle to play out, over and over again because we're comfortable with it. It may even be certain habits/ways of thinking that has become a pattern and you may have gotten so used to it that it's now second nature to you. It Could even be you staying in your comfort zone and/or playing small. One of the shadow traits of Cancer are repeating negative cycles over and over again just because they're comfortable with it and not always open to change. Another shadow trait of Cancer is clinging on to the past because it's comfortable as well. The energy of this new moon in Cancer is encouraging us to really step outside of our comfort zones and break these cycles and stop staying in a situation, way of doing things, relationship, job/career just because it's comfortable, especially if it's not nourishing you.

We're even being called to break generational patterns. Many of us are really being called to take a close look at our parents/family and see how we've been repeating similar habits, beliefs, and any other ways of being that no longer serve us. YOU, yes YOU that is sitting here reading this post, you came here to be very different from your family and bring change to your bloodline. Forgive your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. for not always knowing better or even having the means to do better.  Also, forgive your parents for ways they may have hurt you because of their own traumatic experiences, beliefs, or ways of doing things that were passed down from their family members that didn't necessarily know better either!


Now, let's talk about how the new moon in Cancer 2021 will affect each sign! But first, I would like to invite you to join us for our...

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Now, let's get into these Tarotscopes for your sign!


How the New Moon in Cancer 2021 will affect your Zodiac Sign!

Make sure to read the messages for your sun, moon, risign, venus, & mercury sign!

Water Signs

This new moon in Cancer will have you all fired up water signs! Maybe things have been a little confusing lately, you've been feeling unmotivated, overthinking everything, or just been underestimating your abilities. The energy from this new moon will help you feel a lot more confident in yourself & your ideas as well as leave behind feelings of doubt. Many of you will also stop beating yourself up for things that didn't work out and just realize that whatever didn't work out just wasn't meant to be.

Cancer: Happy birthday to all of my Cancer suns out there! This is still for you other Cancer placements too (sun, moon, rising, venus, mercury) because it may feel like your birthday too, hahaha. That's because this new moon is hitting your 1st house and all eyes will definitely be on you. You're currently undergoing a rebirth which will inspire you to do things differently than you've been doing them in the past. This will motivate you to break old habits (especially with health) as well as leave behind jobs, relationships, old ways of thinking, or even a living situation that no longer serves you. You're tired of the bullshit, maybe even your own bullshit (LOL) and you're ready to get the ball rolling!


Scorpio: Yasss! This new moon in Cancer is inspiring some type of movement because it will be hitting your 9th house! Maybe a move to a new home or even travel. Love that for you! I even think there will be expansion of some sort. If you have your own business, you could be rebranding or adding new services. Some of you could be taking classes or going back to school to expand your knowledge. There could even be some of you that are just stepping out of your comfort zone completely by applying for your dream job, changing your career all together, or trying something completely new that you've been feeling intuitively called to do. You'll see why certain things didn't work out for you in the past.


Pisces: This new moon in Cancer will be activating your creativity and you'll have a bunch of creative ideas kind of bombarding you left and right. That's because this new moon will be lighting up your 5th house! When you get ideas, WRITE THEM DOWN! With this new moon in Cancer being in this section of your chart it will also make it very clear who your true friends are and also show you certain relationships, activities, habits, or even ways of thinking that take up too much of your time and energy. Spirit wants to you to replace these activities/habits/ways of thinking with new thoughts, new activities, & better habits. You may also find yourself drawing in new & better suited relationships that make you feel loved, valued, & nourished. Even if new relationships don't enter your life at this time, you'll notice the relationships that make you feel deeply understood & those bonds will grow even deeper at this time.



Fire Signs:


This new moon in Cancer 2021 may have you deep in your feelings fire signs (LOL)  and it might make you feel a little uncomfortable but it doesn't have to be a bad thing! The reason why is because this energy is gonna have your intuition on 5000! Your dreams and visions will be very powerful at this time so pay attention! The information that's coming to you at this time are your straight from your spirit guides and will give you guidance about the next phase of your life.


Aries: This new moon in Cancer will be hitting your 4th house and will be encouraging you to take a look at your inner world as well as your family dynamics.  Your emotions and even your dreams may bring attention to certain emotions you may have been surpressing, childhood trauma, unhealthy family dynamics or patterns that still affect you, as well as ancestral trauma that you may still be carrying. Maybe these are some things that you have been noticing for some time but this new moon will amplify these emotions/dynamics/patterns/trauma so that you can finally deal with them especially if it causes you to be someone that has a short temper or carry a chip on your shoulder. Don't turn a blind eye to this any longer!


Leo: What beliefs are you still carrying in your subconscious Leo? Like the rest of the fire signs you're being called to take a deep look into your subconscious mind to see what's in there because this new moon in Cancer will be hitting your 12th house. There may be some traumatic things that have happened to you in the past (maybe recent past) that make you not so confident in yourself sometimes. Others see you as such a radiant & confident being but sometimes, it's actually a mask so that no one can see how hurt, lonely, or unloved, or untalented (soooo not true) you feel. This new moon will be pushing you to understand the root of these feelings, where did they originate? Was it someone that made you feel not worthy? Were you ever in situations that made you feel abandoned and unloved? Do you sometimes feel unheard or overlooked? Your dreams may even be giving you some pointers that show you where these feelings started (if you're not sure) as well as tell you how to overcome this. Pouring these emotions into a creative project may assist with transmuting these energies.


Sagittarius: This new moon in Cancer 2021 will be lighting up your 8th house which can manifest in quite a few different ways. The first way this can manifest is that this could be a great time to combine your resouces/talents with some like minded people for a joint project. The combination of strengths can make this something that is super successful and can be beneficial for all of you in the long run. It may also indicate that you're at a place in your life where the old you is dying. Many things that you intuitively knew would come to an end may be beginning to fall apart and now you have to pick up the pieces and move on. Trust that anyone or anything leaving your life at this time are no longer a vibrational match for you and it was in your best interest to just let it go. This new moon is bringing you a new start. It may also be that you're just growing and you're realizing you can't move the same ways that you used to. Thank god for growth. Your maturing and your spirit guides are super proud.




 Air Signs:

This new moon in Cancer 2021 is going to be bringing more stability to your finances, your living situation, or your career. It could also be that your experiencing a lot of ups and downs in these areas and now your interested in finding solid ground. This is definitely a time to make decisions that will assist with bringing more stability in those areas.


Gemini: This new moon is lighting up your 2nd house Geminis! Smells like new money which is always great of course! This can indicate that your finances are  about to get a boost because of a new financial opportunity! It can also indicate that your intuition will be bringing you a bunch of new ideas that can benefit you financially such as ideas for starting your own business, or even ideas on how to expand a business you already have! Another thing that might come up for you at this time Gems are issues with self worth. You need to realize you are worthy of success, love, happiness, peace, all of more! If you are having any issues with your finances, you not realizing your worth may be the culprit! It may be time to look at what beliefs you have surrounding money, especially beliefs that were taught to you by your parents, and how you were raised.  Did it seem like money was hard to come by? Did you see your parents overwork themselves just to make ends meet? It's time to get to the root of these beliefs.

Libra: I see new beginnings in your career or more commitment in some area of your life, because this new moon in Cancer will be lighting up your 10th house. You may be called to think more about your future and the mark you want to leave on this earth after you're long gone or you just want to be able to provide amply for yourself and/or your family now and in the future. So now you're contemplating what steps you can take now to secure your futue and/or to build your legacy. Your intuition or even some of your close friends/family will definitely have some messages for you that will have you rethinking how you approach your career. This placement can also indicate new business partnerships with close friends or like minded people as well as more commitment in a romantic relationship.


Aquarius: This new moon in Cancer will have you taking a look at your routines and health habits because it will be lighting up your 6th house. Your intuition has probably been telling you time and time again to create a routine. With the sign Cancer lighting up this house, your Spirit guides are asking you to make a routine that suits you especially if you have Cancer placements in your chart! Pay attention to your personal rhythyms. Do you get tired during a certain time of day? Do see that your more productive at a certain time of day? Take those things into consideration and create a schedule that accomodates you and helps you to get shit done! It's also time to pay attention to what your body needs. Ask your body for a message! Do you need more rest, more water, to stop eating a certain type of food, or need to add a certain type of food to your diet? Looking into herbs and nutrition can be really helpful for you.



Earth Signs:

Communication, sharing ideas, collaboration, and speaking up for yourself may be a big theme for you at this time. Being a confident in your words and ideas are also a big theme at this time because pursuing these ideas as well as being apart of these collaborations will be a big turning point for you earth signs. So don't hold back loves, it's your time to shine.


Taurus: I'm getting numerous messages for you Tauruses! The first one is that this is the perfect time for automatic writing to receive messages from spirit or it could be for a creative project that you've been working on but had some writer's block. The second message is that if you've intuitively been feeling called to do some research about a certain subject, this is perfect time to do so, especially if you're feeling called to make some changes with your career, want to change your major, or want to start a project related to this subject. The third message I'm getting is that communication is key at this time. There may be some important conversations you need to have with loved ones/friends/family at this time, because this new moon is lighting up your 3rd house, especially if you guys haven't been on the same page for a while. This conversation will assist with clearing up tension and get you all on the same page again. It may also be that important emails, phone calls, or some form of communication will be coming in at this time with some big news! Make sure to check your emails/DMs/voicemails


Virgo: What makes you unique Virgo? This new moon in Cancer will be hitting your 11th house and making you ask yourself, how can you stand out from the crowd. You're already unique with many different talents but I feel like you've fallen into the habit of surpressing parts of yourself to fit a certain mold. You may not even be doing it on purpose. You may be sort of afraid to branch out because maybe you experienced rejection or failure. You may even just be afraid just because you're afraid of rejection and failure but spirit says stop playing small. This may be the perfect time to share your new ideas and projects on social media because you will bring in a big audience (I'm hearing blogging/vlogging/internet business/digital art) or share more than you usually do because of your shyness. It may even be time to send out your resume, network, collaborate, and expand your social network so that more people know who you are. There are people that are out there looking for someone like you but they won't find you if you're hiding your light under a basket.


Capricorn: This new moon in Cancer is definitely highlighting your relationships because it will be hitting your 7th house. You may start a new relationship, friendship, or business partnership. This may also be a time that also makes you look at certain relationships in your life and ask yourself if they're really worth your time and energy (I said a similar thing to Pisces)! Ask your intuition which relationships are worth your energy and which ones are not, then release the ones that aren't serving a positive purpose in your life. It's also a great time for you to collaborate and network as well because these friendships/partnerships will benefit you and whoever you work with in the long run. I also feel like you have some great friends that have come into your life because of some type of project you guys were meant to do together. So pay attention to who you have around you and see how you can combine their strengths with yours.


I hope you enjoyed these tarotscopes and have an awesome new moon! Share this blog post with someone you love and leave a comment if it resonated with you!








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