On February 11, 2021 there will be a new moon in Aquarius. This blog post talks about how the new moon in aquarius on february 2021 will be affecting each zodiac sign

New Moon in Aquarius 2021 & How It Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign!

On February 11, 2021 there will be a new moon in Aquarius, the revolutionary of the zodiac! Keep reading to learn how this new moon will be affecting the collective as well as your zodiac sign!

new moon in aquarius 2021 horoscope

The Aquarius archetype is innovative, intelligent, free thinking, intuitive, & authentic. The energy of the new moon in Aquarius will be encouraging us to boldly stand in our truth & follow our calling even if it seems a little strange to others!

 If you’re new to moon magic, a new moon occurs when the sun (changes sign every 30-31 days) & moon (changes sign every 2-3 days) are in the same sign. For example, we are currently in Aquarius season & the moon will be in the sign of Aquarius. The sun represents the ego & the moon represents our emotional needs & deep desires. When the sun & moon occur in the same sign, it can indicate time period when our heart & mind are on the same page! Which is why new moons are the perfect time to set new intentions for yourself.

 The new moon in Aquarius is urging us to set new intentions that will push us outside of our comfort zones and to dream big! You’re also being urged to change your perspective & even how you speak. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, & Saturn are also currently in the sign of Aquarius. With all this Aquarian energy, the collective is evolving, releasing limiting beliefs/behaviors, & creating our own values based on our own experiences as well as learning new philosophies that will assist with detaching from old beliefs that were taught to you during your childhood.

The full moon in Cancer back in December & full moon in Leo that occurred back in January have been bringing up a lot of childhood trauma, past resentment/anger, past heart breaks, or even somewhat toxic family dynamics that may still plague you til this day & limit your self expression. All of the difficult emotions/memories/realizations that may have came up around that time (or still rearing it’s ugly head) so you could be aware & release heavy emotions or anger/triggers that stem from that!

 The energy from this new moon in Aquarius will be helping us to finally move on from the past, look forward to the future, & break away from any relationships, ways of thinking, careers, or any situation that makes us repress who we are as well as restricts us in any way. The ancient ruler of Aquarius is Saturn (associated with: tradition, structure, lessons) & its other ruler is Uranus (associated with: new ways of thinking & radical change) which encourages us to take what we’ve learned from our families plus our past experiences, & apply it to the new paths we’re taking. For example, when cellphones were invented, they used telephones as a reference but created something kind of different & even better! It’s time for you to do the same in your own life!

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New moon in Aries horoscope

The Tower x The Fool x 3 of Wands:

The energy of the new moon in Aquarius may bring about a chain of shocking events and/or sudden revelations that will bring an end to certain relationships, a job/career path, a living situation, or your old beliefs about yourself that have been limiting you! I see you deciding to step into your power and no longer giving a fuck what anyone has to say or how they feel about you. I see you no longer looking for validation from other people or paying attention to what their doing and deciding to only listen to guidance that's coming straight from Source/Spirit/The Universe/God/Angels etc. Your connection to the divine is strengthening and in turn it's boosting your confidence in yourself. You may be deciding to take more breaks (possibly by force LOL) and take better care of yourself if you've been tired AF. Please have a spa day if you can, take a vacation, or hang out with the people you love. It will rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.


Taurus new moon in Aquarius horoscope

4 of Cups x Knight of Wands x 10 of Pentacles

You know you can change your situation if you're unhappy with it right Taurus? Nothing is set in stone! You're a fixed sign so sometimes it's easy for you to get "stuck" in a routine! Maybe it's not that you're unhappy, maybe you're just ready for more excitement because things are feeling stale. This new moon in Aquarius is encouraging you to switch things up! Change up your routine, and try something different! Take a different approach to work, try cooking a different type of meal you haven't tried, experiment in the bedroom with your partner (or yourself wink wink) or something! I feel like switching things up a little will make things feel fresh and may spark some new creative ideas. Uranus (rules aquarius) has been in your sign for quite some time now kind of forcing change upon you and now it's time to just go with it especially when it comes to your career path. If you've been thinking of going into business for yourself or switch to a career that's more fulfilling, your spirit team is with you behind you 100% and you'll have all the tools needed. For some of you, you're being called to share you wisdom with others in some shape of form. You've been through some SHIT plus mastered certain skills and have advice that can be very beneficial for others.


Page of Pentacles x 9 of Cups x 7 of Wands

Knowledge is power baby, but you knew that! Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is associated with knowledge and learning! You Gems tend to know everything about everything! This new moon in Aquarius energy is encouraging you to gain more knowledge on a certain subject or hobby that you find interesting especially if you're wanting to turn this hobby into a business in the future or if you want to expand in your current career. Gaining more knowledge or mastering your skills in some way can assist with bringing about the change and progress you're hoping to make at this time. Please don't allow your mind or others to talk you out of what you've set out to do. Your ruling sign Mercury is currently retrograde and it may make you over analyze your decisions but Spirit wants you to have faith in the decisions your making. Don't let doubt cloud your judgement and keep moving towards what your heart is calling you to do!


Cancer new moon in Aquarius horoscope

The World x The Chariot x Temperance

Damnnnn Cancer! 3 major arcana card plus the card that's associated with Cancer (The Chariot) is showing up in your spread! This is letting me know that the energy from the new moon in Aquarius is going to be a catalyst of major change for you my beautiful Cancerians. You're realizing just how powerful & truly talented you are and if you've struggled with low self esteem, that shit is dead! You've been getting more mentally and emotionally disciplined which has made it much easier to stay focused on the goal at hand whatever it may be. Maybe you've even been learning new spiritual concepts that have been helping you realize the power of the mind and the emotions. You having more of an understanding of this will help you easily draw in abundance and amazing opportunities as well as assist with creating the reality you've been dreaming of. Your dreams are feeling a lot more attainable and I love that for you. Everyone is about to see and be inspired by your amazing glow up story.


New moon in Aquarius Leo horoscope

The Star x 4 of Pentacles x Queen of Pentacles

The energy of this new moon in Aquarius is urging you to step out of your comfort zone especially if you've been feeling a little stressed about your finances. I think you've been trying to make shit happen by yourself but this would be a great time to collaborate with others or atleast accept help if you truly need it! This would be a great time to team up with your boo thang, your family, or your besties for a common goal. Their skills plus yours will create a powerhouse and make you all a force to be reckoned with! Also, don't be afraid to get out there and network more. It's not that you're afraid actually, it's just that you've been staying to yourself more often (which is understandable with the circumstances we're living in right now) and the world needs more of your bubbly, humerous personality, words of wisdom, and tremendous talent! Maybe you're even recovering from some type of loss, health issue, or something of the sort! As soon as your ready, please get out there again (physically or virtually) and shine your light. If you're single, this may be a time when a new love comes into your life and sweeps you right off your feet.


Virgo new moon in Aquarius horoscope

Death x 2 of Swords x Knight of Cups

I'm getting an interesting vibe from your cards Virgo. The energy of this new moon in Aquarius causing a rebirth for you and its reawakening your lust for life as well as old passions that you lost interest in or doubt made you think your work wasn't good enough so you stopped pursuing it. For some of you this can even indicate that you're finally healing from past heartbreak, betrayal, failures, disappointments, etc and allowing yourself to move on. You've been realizing how your limiting thoughts, habits, heavy heart, and self doubt have been getting in your way this whole damn time and you're at a point where you're finally shedding all the dead weight once and for all! I also see you letting go of relationships, a job, approach to your career, or any situation where you don't feel valued or has been draining AF, to move on to something or someone that is actually worth your time and energy. Follow that gut feeling that's been telling you to move the hell on and try something different. You'll be so happy that you did! Also, please make sure you're taking good care of your health and setting boundaries. You're a giver and sometimes takers don't know how to stop taking.


Libra New Moon in Aquarius horoscope

3 of Cups x The Sun x 8 of Pentacles

As soon as I saw your spread, I heard the quote from Drake's song "Show Me A Good Time" when he said "I live for the nights I can't remember with the people I won't forget"! The energy of the new moon in Aquarius is encouraging you to have some fun Libra! You love a good time and if you've been in your feelings or a little stressed lately, the universe is giving you the pass to let down your hair. If you can, go out to your favorite bar or restaurant, plan a fun date or trip with your boo, just do something that makes you laugh and feel good. I also feel like your creative juices will be flowing and if you have great ideas that come into your awareness, take action on them ASAP, or please write them down so that you can take action on it in the near future. I also see you getting deeper into spirituality and experimenting with a new spiritual practice which may push you to pursue a career in spirituality or add a new healing modality into your list of services in you already have a career in spirituality, or pursue a career in a creative field. I also see you learning more about the law of attraction. This will do wonders for your finances and draw in your manifestations a lot quicker.

Scorpio New moon in Aquarius horoscope

7 of Cups x The Hanged Man x 8 of Swords

You have a variety of options and the energy of this new moon in Aquarius will be opening your eyes to these options because maybe you didn't realize they were there before. These could be career/job options, new home options that you didn't realize you could afford, or even different options in your love life. You may be ovewhelmed by all these choices and taking some time to meditate on your decisions would be super beneficial for you so that you can hear clear messages from your intuition. You may even be feeling somewhat imbalanced at the moment and you're being called to find balance between your masculine and feminine energies. I feel like you've been going to extremes lately, maybe being too much in your masculine energy by overworking or too much in your feminine energy by being overly emotional. You just have a lot going on Scorpio and it's time to find some time to re-center yourself so that you're thinking straight which will help with making decisions with discernment.



 Sagittarius New moon in Aquarius horoscope

King of Swords x 10 of Swords x Queen of Swords (R)

I see that theres a lot of activity going on mentally Sagittarius! The energy from this new moon in Aquarius will be bringing your attention to your mindset, how you think, and how you speak to yourself as well as others. Sagittarius, you can be very blunt and your words can be cutting (even though I know you’re not meaning to be malicious) and sometimes, you hurt your own self with those words. You're being called to not be so hard on yourself and to be patient with others. I also feel like your heart is very guarded from past heartbreaks and betrayal which sometimes makes you not open to letting others in or feeling your own emotions. Spirit is calling you to explore any feelings that are simmering beneath the surface or any hurtful past memories that you replay in your mind over and over again. Ask yourself why you continue to hurt yourself by replaying those hurtful memories or holding on to anger towards others, maybe even yourself for past mistakes. Allow yourself to move on. Forgive yourself and those that have hurt you. Not for them, for you!

Capricorn New moon in Aquarius horoscope

6 of Wands x 4 of Wands x 2 of Wands

When I saw your spread, the first words that came to my mind were T-pain saying "All I do is win, win, win, no matter what!" and that's you Capricorn! You all are the King and Queens of taking lemons and turning that shit into lemonade even though no one gave you the other ingredients LOL. The energy of this new moon in Aquarius is bringing an end to you having to work so damn hard all the time (even though you probably like it). I see you landing a better job that isnt strenuous but requires you to step out of your comfort zone, an increase in clientele, getting a pay raise,  or some type of new opportunity that feels like it was made just for you. I also see some of you stepping out on faith to go into business for yourself which will turn out to be successful in the long run. Capricorns were like designed to be CEOs okay?! Whatever it is, you're no longer allowing yourself to play small and you're coming for everything that's yours. We love to see it!


Aquarius New moon in Aquarius horoscope

Strength x 3 of Swords (R) x The Lovers

The moon is in your sign, so I know you're definitely feeling this energy of this new moon! The energy of this new moon in Aquarius is making you question your path and the purpose of your life but I think you're moving into a space that's making it very clear what path is right for you even if it's a little "weird" to others. As long as it makes sense to you, shitttt, that's all that matters! You've come such a long way and this is a great time to reflect on the different phases of your life and ask yourself what you learned during those time periods. Don't be ashamed of any mistakes you've made along the way. It's all apart of this thing we call life. Take those lessons with you as you move into this new phase of your life. Now you what not to do, who not to have around you, and what you truly want in life, which is giving you (or soon will be) giving you a new found confidence in yourself. If some of you are currently in a place where things are confusing and you're feeling down, I want you to take a look at your astrological birth chart and study it so it can give insight about what your strengths are as well as give you some insight about what role your soul came to play in society (we all have a role to play).

Pisces New moon in Aquarius horoscope

8 of Swords x 2 of Cups x Ace of Wands

The energy of the new moon in Aquarius is you to take more time for meditation because you'll be getting a lot of messages from Spirit during your meditation. Pay attention to your intuition. What dreams, visions, daydreams, words, and ideas keep popping up in your mind? Those are messages straight from your spirit team and should be acted on especially if it's an idea for a creative endeavor that would be financially and emotionally fulfilling for you. Taking action can simply be getting your ideas on to paper to make sense of it and getting it organized so that you won't forget your ideas. Another thing to pay attention to right now are your emotions. How are you feeling Pisces? Angry, tired, bored? Repressed emotions may be coming to the surface for you to deal with. Whatever comes to the surface, allow yourself to feel it and then allow yourself to eventually to move on so you're not stuck in those feelings. Journaling or channeling your emotions into some art form will be very healing for you.


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