June 28-July 4, 2021 Tarotscopes For Zodiac Signs


Want to know what cosmic energies are surrounding the collective this week? Do you also want to know how these energies will be affecting your sign? KEEP READING!

Collective Energy Forecast

Hey! It’s your girl Twan the Mystik, back with another dope blog post for you all! Hoping that the last blog post brought you some clarity & inspiration!

So this week the planet Venus moves into the sign of Leo on June 28, 2021 & will be there until July 21, 2021. The themes of Leo are creativity, romance, passion (& passion projects), & confidence. This may definitely be a week when your confidence in yourself begins to increase, especially with Mars already transiting the sign of Leo. If you feel like “this isn’t me, I don’t feel good about myself”, this week will be the perfect time to begin asking yourself why you beat yourself down instead of speaking love into yourself! You may even feel called to start doing more self care activities for yourself in the name of self love. WE LOVE TO SEE IT!

After last week’s full moon in Capricorn plus the lingering energies from the full moon eclipse we had earlier this month, the collective has been pushed to finally let shit go that no longer serves us. Many of  us have been attached to or felt trapped in certain relationships, beliefs, limiting thinking patterns, habits, situations, or even jobs/careers that no longer serve us & the full moon in Capricorn asked us to cultivate self discipline so that we can remain committed to making these changes for the better. Making these changes are exactly what’s going to help us move on to the next stage of our lives, create the stability or even expansion in our careers that we’re looking for, & create the success we’re hoping for!

This week is the time to take action to make these changes instead of just thinking about it. Even if you start out slow, just start out somewhere! You may even feel some resistance within you or even from others as you make these changes, trust that it’s right for you & everything will work out in the long run if you’re stay committed!


Now let’s move on to how this week’s cosmic energies will be affecting your sign, but first...

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Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius

I see you really working on your mindset this week fire signs & really realizing just how powerful your mind really is, as well as your words! I see you deciding to say your words wisely or even think differently. It could be because you’ve been seeing how quickly these words/thoughts manifest or it could be because you’ve been actually learning a lot about the law of attraction or other methods that teach you how to create the reality that you desire through using your mind/words or this is a call to start looking into those topics. You’re at a point where you’ve finally put the past to rest (said similar things to the earth & water signs so maybe you have those signs in your chart too) & forgiving others. You’re especially forgiving yourself for mistakes you’ve made, negative things you’ve allowed yourself to put up with, & even for sleeping on yourself (& your greatness). LOVE THAT FOR YOU! I love this for you because the more you forgive, especially yourself, it’s going to start opening doors for you left & right! You’ll probably ask yourself why you didn’t do this sooner. The reason why this is happening now is because you’re finally in a space where your ready to let things go! It could also because you’re learning how holding on to these painful memories or grudges can really plague your mind, as well as block the flow of abundance & your manifestations. So keep opening your mind to these spiritual concepts, because they will really assist you with your growth & success.



This week’s affirmation for each Fire Sign:

Aries: The universe has my back.

Leo: Oneness is my true nature.

Sagittarius: I create mindful moments throughout the day, reminding myself that: I am love & miracles are natural.



Hope you enjoyed this reading!

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Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, & Capricorn

Your energy feels so much lighter this week & there’s a few reasons why! 1. You’ve decided to not take things to heart anymore, especially when people say negative this to or about you. 2. You’re taking a new approach to your work that feels more aligned with you (which will end up really working for you in the long run) or will be getting some type of new opportunity that’s amazing AF that makes you feel passionate about your work again. 3. A wish that you made a long time ago is finally beginning to manifest before your very eyes or some type of solution comes quickly for a problem you’ve been having for a while. 4. A new lover, or friend has entered your life that makes you feel so happy or could even be that the love is growing in current relationships. Whatever it is earth signs, I see you feeling so much better this week after being a low place (financially, emotionally mentally, physically, etc.) & finally beginning to see the light again. This light hearted energy is going to assist with attracting even more amazing things into your life as well as just having inner peace which you may have not felt for a while.


This week’s affirmation for each Earth Sign:

Taurus: I am unapologetic about what I desire & trust that what I focus on will grow.

Virgo: When I focus on my inner light, I see the world through the lens of love.

Capricorn: I recognize that I have chosen fear, & I choose again. I choose love.



Hope you enjoyed this reading!

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Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, & Aquarius

You are over it air signs! You may be feeling bored, unfulfilled, or annoyed with a living situation, job/career path, your financial situation, a certain relationship, or some type of situation. There’s something or someone that just isn’t doing it for you anymore & you’re ready to finally get it/them out of your life once & for all. You may even be over yourself (LOL) because of a cycle you keep repeating, a habit you haven’t been able to get rid of, or maybe even being indecisive & unmotivated even though you want to get the ball rolling. Whatever it is, it’s time for things to change so that you can get the ball rolling or at least move on to something or someone that’s way more fulfilling for you. You deserve to be happy & deserve to be living a life that’s full or pleasure. This may be a time to start asking yourself, what does success look like for me, what would make me happy? What kind of relationship(s) do I deserve to have. If there is anything in your life that isn’t aligned with that, it’s time to start seeing what changes need to be made in order to start making your life look more like the one you desire & that’s on what? Period pooh! Life is too short to be living miserably, do what you can to make yourself happy!


This week’s affirmation for each Air Sign:

Gemini: Joy is the ultimate creator.

Libra: When I lean towards love, I am led.

Aquarius: In any moment I can surrender to the powerful presence of love through prayer, contemplation & stillness.



Hope you enjoyed this reading!

Also, if you feel called to tip ya girl for this readingl:$TwanyeK



Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, & Pisces

Comparison is the thief of joy. Even thinking about someone that did you dirty recently or even in the past is also the thief of joy. You may not even realize how this sometimes takes away your power, energy, peace of mind, &/or motivation. It may not even be that you actually want to be like anyone else or even care about how these people did you dirty. You may be thinking about how much work you’ve put in but you’re not really advancing as quickly as you think you should & you may be seeing others advance in their own lives/careers. You may also be thinking, these people did me dirty & got away with it, while you’ve had to deal with the heartache or some type of adversity. It may be a little hard but Spirit wants you to take your focus of these things. If things aren’t panning out how you want them to with your work, it may be time to change your approach (I said something similar to the earth signs so you may have some earth in your chart) to your work. Also realize that everyone’s timeline is different! So trust that you’re time is coming VERY SOON, just keep working. You getting down on yourself is only slowing down your manifestations. If people did you dirty in the recent past or in the distant past & you still think about it, it’s time to release them from your energy field! This happened to show you that THESE WERE NOT YOUR PEOPLE, they aren’t a vibrational match, & there’s no room for them in your success story, as well as teach you valuable lessons. Trust & believe karma didn’t let them get away with it. Some of them may actually bad AF how they did you.


This week’s affirmation for each Water Sign:

Cancer: I let go of the shadow of the past by seeing someone for the first time with the eyes of love.

Scorpio: My outer experiences are a reflection of my internal condition.

Pisces: I find deeper meaning & personal growth amid the discomfort.


Have a wonderful week! If it resonated with you, share this with someone you love or leave a comment!


Hope you enjoyed this reading!

Also, if you feel called to tip ya girl for this readingl:$TwanyeK




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