Full Moon in Virgo 2021 & How It Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign!

Full Moon in Virgo 2021 & How It Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign!

On February 27, 2021 there will be a full moon in Virgo, the healer of the zodiac! Keep reading to learn how this full moon will be affecting the collective as well as your zodiac sign!


Watch my latest Pick-A-Card tarot reading that was inspired by the full moon in Virgo. Since the full moon is all about releasing & Virgo is also about discarding whatever is no longer useful, this pick-a-card is all about what you need to release right now to create more harmony in your life!  The time stamps for each pile is in the description!



The energy of this full moon in the sign of Virgo is going to be quite intense, but intensity isn't always a bad thing! When people think of the sign of Virgo, intensity isn't always the word that comes to mind. Scorpio usually takes the rap for that, so you may be wondering why I'm using the word in the first place. The reason why I'm describing this full moon in virgo energy as intense is because if you know any Virgos, you know that they're straight shooters & don't want to hear any bullshit excuses what so ever! 

If you're not familiar with the moon phases & moon magic, here's a short little lesson about the full moon. The full moon occurs when the sun (changes signs about every 30 days) & the moon (changes signs every 2-3 days) are in opposite signs. For example, the sun is currently in Pisces & the full moon will be in the sign of Virgo, the opposite sign of Pisces. Whenever there is a full moon, it's the perfect time to do releasing rituals such as a burning bowl ritual or taking a spiritual bath which can assist with removing negative energies from your aura. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE MY VENUS TRINE PLUTO DETOX BATH (FOR CLEANSING THE AURA & RAISING THE VIBRATION)

Here are some other rituals that may be beneficial for you during the full moon in Virgo:


When I think of the the archetype of Virgo it correlates with "getting your shit together". Virgo is the strategizer of the zodiac & knows who or what tools, habits, strategies, or resources are useful to get the job done & what is not, then discards what's useless.

The energy of this full moon in Virgo will be making it blantantly clear what habits (especially health habits), beliefs, ways of doing things, a job, career, living environment, people, etc. that need to leave your life once & for all! No more excuses! Maybe you know what needs to change but you've been some what ignoring it, making excuses, or procrastinating & your spirit guides are like "OH NO BABY, what are you doing?" All of this may be a little intense for you if you've been ignoring the truth & would rather act as if you can't hear the messages.

At the beginning of the week Mercury & Venus in Aquarius made a trine with North Node in Gemini which will bring clarity about the direction you want to take in life & career or even opportunities that are connected with the work your soul came here to do on earth! Then, on February 25, Venus moves into the sign of Pisces which can also bring about relationships/partnerships that are also connected to your soul's mission/career. All of that sounds great right?! That full moon in Virgo energy reminds us that all though things are starting to fall into place for us &/or we're starting to realize how much potential we truly have, there's still work that needs to be done, there's changes that need to be made, & there's strategies we need to create. The sun being in the sign of Pisces, we're being given the courage to trust our intuition as well as go after our dreams & the full moon in Virgo says make the plans & do the work so that these dreams manifest into your reality!


Now the moment you've all been waiting for, your tarotscopes! Keep reading learn about how the full moon in Virgo will be affecting your zodiac sign! Make sure to read the messages for your sun, moon, Venus, Mercury, & rising sign!


Queen of Wands x Knight of Swords x Blessings x Psychic Abilities

This full moon in Virgo will be inspiring you to get to work on a passion project, making changes with your career, or really get serious about your health! For some reason though, I feel like you were already on this journey but maybe you were dragging your feet, procrastinating, or letting doubt & distractions to get the best of you. When the full moon rolls around you may begin to realize that you've lost focus/dedication & will decide to create strategies as well as routines to help you get back on track again. I also see you deciding to add a spiritual practice to your routine or getting more consistent with a spiritual practice that you've already been trying. Your focus, dedication, & consistency when it comes to your goals as well as your health (mental/physical) is going to pay off big time. You already know that & that's why you probably sprang into action. Keep pushing ahead with that unmatchable determination of yours & remain confident. You're super close to the manifestation of your desires.


10 of Cups x Page of Wands x Spirit Guide x Committment

Taurus, what you got going on?! Do you have your eyes on someone or are you taking things to the next level with your significant other? Full moon in Virgo is highlighting your relationships. Many of you that are single may end up meeting someone (or already have recently) that you really want to get to know more & possibly build a future with! To build a future with this new person you have to let go of your ex or even work through difficult emotions that may stem from having an absent parent. For those of you in committed relationships, I see you taking the next level in your relationship. Many of you may be deciding to move in with your partner, discuss marriage, get engaged, get a joint account, or go into business with each other. Things are getting realllll serious! It's because you both know you're in it for the long haul so you might as well make some boss moves as a team! Another way this may manifest is you deciding to go into a business partnership with some friends or a very amazing contract/job offer may be coming really soon! Whatever it is it'll be so fulfilling & you'll see why Spirit has been pushing you to make bold changes with your career.



10 of Wands x 5 of Wands x Peace x Protection

Gemini, I feel like your mind has been all over the place! You may just have a whole lot going on in your personal life, your work life, or something along those lines. Life has been feeling really hectic & the energy from this full moon will be bringing you peace of mind as well as in your life. There may also be a need to purge old resentment, anger, or beliefs because all of it is beginning to weigh you down & may even at times make you feel drained or unmotivated AF! You may even feel at war with yourself because you're struggling to let go of these feelings & beliefs, but you also just want to feel happy & at peace. You can work through these feelings by journaling, praying to your spirit team about it, or even working with a therapist. Channeling these emotions into a fun work out routine, or even a creative outlet such as writing music, singing, dancing, or painting. You need something that makes you feel good can be a great way to shake that heavy energy from off of you & blow off some steam!  


2 of Cups x The World x Travel x Inspiration

The energy from the full moon in Virgo will bring you more opportunities to travel or relocate in relation to your career/business. It may even inspire you to make changes to where you live just because! You want to experience something new & different, or you're ready to have your own space because you've been having to live with other people. The thing is though, you've been in the process of  manifesting this for a long time now & maybe even set these intentions during the new moon in Virgo (early September 2020). Now you will begin to see the manifestion of these desires unfold which will bring an end to an old living situation, career, or an old lifestyle all together. You're going through a glow up right now & it's because you've been doing the inner work on yourself to release old thought patterns as well as habits that have been holding you back. Collaborating with like minded individuals on a common goal will be very beneficial for you at this time! If there's someone, company, or a brand that you've always wanted to work with, this is the perfect time to shoot your shot! You'll be glad you did!



 4 of Pentacles x 2 of Wands x Passion x Reconciliation

This full moon in Virgo will be helping you to reconnect to your true passions, especially the certain interests, & hobbies you loved ever since you were a child or even from a past life. This re-awakening of these old interests may inspire you to pick these things up once again but doing it may make you feel like you're being pushed out of your comfort zone. The thing is that you're not even necessarily being pushed out of your comfort zone because these skills come natural to you. What's happening is that you're being pushed to expose these skills & parts of yourself to the world after keeping it private or repressing this this part of yourself for so long. You're very free spirited but disappointment, criticism, fear, or even logic at times stiffles your creativity & dampens your passion. The energy of this full moon may also bring back people from past lives into this life, bring back old relationships that may have ended on a bad note, where you both just drifted apart, or exes. Have discernement about who you let back in.


High Priestess x Knight of Wands x Freedom x Friendship

The full moon in Virgo is in your sign Virgo & it's bringing you major insights! These insights are causing you to have some revelations. You may be realizing how much you get in your own way, hold yourself back from taking action on things you know you're passionate about, & how much you keep yourself in your comfort zone. Now you're ready to break free & take some risks. I also see many of you deciding to break free from a job/career/living situation/friendship/romantic partnership etc. that feels confining, draining, stagnant, or you feel under valued. So basically anything that isn't contributing to your growth is being pushed out of your life by you or by the universe. With all endings, come new beginnings! Anyone or anything that leaves your life will be replaced with who or whatever is the most aligned with you! I also see many of you making a change of residence very soon! This change will bring more freedom & peace of mind. I also see you deciding to collaborate with close friends on a joint venture or end up having some type of opportunity/financial support/contract offer sort of fall into your lap. This opportunity appeared just for you, so dont be afraid to take them up on their offer. Take a chance on yourself, what do you got to lose?

Closure x Forgiveness x Page of Cups x 10 of cups

The energy from this full moon in Virgo will be helping you find closure on past situations that may still be haunting you. Maybe you've made mistakes in the past that you're not proud of, dealt with some painful break ups, or may still feel a little upset about a falling out you had with people that were once close to you. You may even still harbour resentment towards one or both of your parents because of their abscence in your life. Another way this can manifest is you still having beliefs about yourself that isn't benefiting you at all. It's time for you to forgive yourself for mistakes you've made in the past! You didn't know better back then, but now you're much wiser & stronger! Don't be so hard on yourself. It's also time to forgive other people that have hurt you! It's not for them, it's for you. This doesn't mean you're condoning their behavior, it's so you can have peace of mind & move on. That doesn't mean you have to invite them back into your life unless you want to! It's also so that you can create more joy in your life & stop allowing thoughts about the past get in the way of your happiness.


The Sun x 2 of Pentacles x Dreams x Truth

The energy from this full moon in Virgo is going to be revealing a lot of truths to you via your dreams or daydreams. You may even end up seeing repeating numbers, repeating symbolism, or you may have songs stuck in your head that are messages straight from Spirit so pay attention! Write them down if you need to & meditate on it so that you can truly understand what these messages mean for you. Another message I'm getting for you is that there's a need to be more confident in your the dreams & goals you've set out for yourself. It's like you know you're destined for greatness but maybe you wonder if you end up going after what you truly want, you may not be able to care for yourself (& the ones you love) financially. I'm here to tell you that...THAT'S NOT TRUE! You're capable of manifesting the income & lifestyle you want but you must have faith in your ideas, you just have to continue to visualize it, claim it, & change your mindset. There may also be a need for balance. Some of you may be juggling alot at once such as school, work, your business, being a parent, being a significant other, or some other things but maybe you haven't been scheduling any "you" time. Schedule some time for self care, it will help with getting your mind right.


Judgement x 7 of Pentacles x Confidence x Transformation

This full moon in Virgo is encouraging you to be more patient with yourself & the unfolding of your manifestations. I know that can be a tad bit hard with you being a fire sign & all, but Spirit is asking you to have faith in divine timing. Sometimes we believe that things should happen according to our time not knowing that Spirit is making sure that everything that happens is all for your highest good. You may be thinkng, "I don't wanna hear that shit" but it's true. You've been undergoing a transformation for a while now that's been aligning you with the right people, different parts of your purpose, & everything that's meant for you. Be confident in the fact that everything is going according to the divine plan of your life, so have faith! Tap into that natural Sagittarius optimism & know that your break through, perfect relationship, perfect job, perfect home, or whatever it is you're trying to bring into your life is right around the corner! You got this!


4 of Wands x 7 of Wands x Justice x Talent

This full moon in Virgo is encouraging you to pause so that you can explore your options or weigh out the pros & cons of a situation. This energy may even be asking you to take a break from your everyday schedule to explore a talent or interest of yours that's been yearning for your attention. Maybe you deemed this talent or idea of yours useless, but that's definitely not true & it'll bring you a lot of unexpected success! If you needed a sign to help push you in that direction, HERE'S YOUR SIGN! Try it out! This idea was divinely inspired & waiting to be manifested into this reality through you, so what are you waiting for? The is also a need to find balance between logic & intuition. You're intuitive AF, but sometimes your logic takes over & shuts down some of the messages you receive from your intuition. Logic is definitely needed, but don't let it take away from those intuitive nudges that you've been receiving time & time again! Especially if it's been urging you to explore a new topic of study or a unique talent of yours. Trust those gut feelings.



Knight of Wands x Queen of Cups x Finding x Strength

During this time of the full moon in Virgo, I see you deciding to take charge of your life. Maybe you were feeling a bit confused about what to do next or just been lacking motivation, & now you're ready to get back on your shit. Even though there's a part of you that's very disciplined, there is a part of you that can be a little scatterbrained & this is the perfect time to come up with a strategy or routine that can help you stay on track. You may even need to incorporate more exercise into your routine. As an air sign, you're a very cerebral person, & you may be in your head so much that you forget to make time to move your body. You may also be such a busy body that you forget about your body & there's a need to re-center yourself. Please also make some time for daily meditation so that you can get your thoughts together as well as receive messages from your Spirit guides so that you can gain more clarity.



8 of Wands x The Heirophant x Peace x Blessings


 When I looked at your cards, the first thing I heard was the lyric "Peace & blessings manifest with every lesson learned. If your knowledge was your worth then it will be well earned. If we were made in His image, then call us by our name" from the song "On & On" by Erykah Badu who happens to be a Pisces herself! The energy of this full moon in Virgo is helping you to recognize the divine light within yourself & also making you realize just how important you are. As a Pisces, you're naturally very giving, especially in relationships, & maybe even at your job/career. This full moon in Virgo energy is encouraging you to stop that shit ASAP! It's okay to be a giving person but there's a need to give way more to yourself & treat yourself because if you're depleted, you'll be no good to anyone or even become resentful of the people you give so much to. This is a major lesson for you that I feel like you keep having to learn time & time again, but I feel like you're finally ready to stop putting others, or whatever else before you & possibly your passion projects. This will bring the peace & even more blessings into your life. 


I hope these tarotscopes brought you insight, clarity, & confidence! If it did, make sure to leave a comment, or share it with someone who needs to read it!

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