Full Moon in Capricorn 2021 Tarotscope For Your Sign!

Full Moon in Capricorn 2021 Tarotscope For Your Sign!

Want to know how the full moon in Capricorn happening on June 24, 2021 will be affecting your sign, then keep reading!



The full moon in Capricorn is whooping all of our asses into shape! After the recent full moon eclipse we had in the sign of Sagittarius and the new moon/solar eclipse we had in Gemini, the universe made it blatantly clear what just isn't woking for us anymore whether it was a relationship, a job/career path, your approach to work, a living situation, a belief system, basically anything that doesn't align with your most authentic self & your destiny!

For the last year and a half, the north node has been in Gemini while the south node is in Sagittarius. With the full moon eclipse and the solar eclipse/new moon eclipse making contact with those signs, the universe was granting us a chance to get back on track with our true life mission, especially if you've been way out of alignment. So, anything or anyone that has left your life is no longer an energetic match with you and anyone or anything that has entered (or maybe even re-entered your life) is aligned with your destiny. Even habits & beliefs that have been hindering your progress are being called out (because THEY GOTTA GO!) so that you can take on new ones that will help you move forward in your life!

So, you may be wondering, where does the full moon in Capricorn fit into all of this. As you may know, Capricorn is the hard worker of the zodiac (along with the other earth signs Taurus & Virgo) & does whatever it takes to make their dreams come to fruition. They're not afraid to get their hands dirty to build their empire & I don't mean that in a negative way either. I just mean that they will do all the work that others may not want to so that they can see their dreams manifest into physical reality!

Eclipse season asked you to release everything that's getting in the way of your progress now that you know what's hindering you. The full moon in Capricorn is asking you to actually become disciplined, stay committed to releasing what's no longer serving you & do that work that's needed to make the changes that you know you need to make. This full moon is also asking you to think about your future. What do you want your life to look like a couple months from now, a year from now, 3 years from now, 10 years from now, etc. Then, start thinking about what you need to do starting now in order to start creating that future!

Want to know how this energy will be affecting your sign? Then keep reading, but first..

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Earth signs:

Ohhhh earth signs, y’all have some big things happening for y’all right now or in the very near future. I keep hearing Nicki Minaj’s verse in “Roman’s Revenge” when she says “I hear them mumbling, I hear them cackling. I got em scared, shook, panicking! Over seas, church, Vatican. You at a stand still,  mannequin. You wanna sleep on me, over night? I’m the muthafuckin boss, over write...” What I took from that is, your a boss baby! Some of you over here doubting yourself while so many people are intimidated by your potential. 

This full moon in Capricorn energy may push you into the spotlight & you will be gaining a lot of recognition for all of your hard work especially if you work with the public or you’re an entrepreneur. You may also receive some sort of promotion, a raise, or get a new job opportunity that pays so much more. So many people may have slept on you, threw dirt on your name, used you, did you dirty but baby you coming out on top! 

The energy of this full moon may also encourage you to step out of your comfort zone which is what may push you to ask for a raise/promotion or just change your job/career all together! Many of you may even decide to move to a new home or city, settle down there (maybe with your partner) &/or begin/raise your family there. Spirit supports this home change & whatever changes you’re making that can bring you more satisfaction & even more stability.

Taurus: You have so many options Taurus, just go ahead & choose. These options may have to do with your love life, career, or where you live. Whoever or whatever you feel most drawn to is the right one for you

Virgo: The V in Virgo stands for victory. Like I said, you coming out on top baby! You have many great ideas & you're gifted in many ways (I mean you are ruled by Mercury). Spirit wants you to know that lots of recognition for your amazing skills & hard work in on the way to you. Just keep the faith!

Capricorn: The full moon is in your sign & it's urging you to step into your power & find yourself if you've been feeling lost, experienced something disappointing/heartbreaking, or have been low on motivation/confidence. Spirit wants you to pick yourself back up again & remember who the fuck you are boo. Also remember that you're the comeback queen or king! You can bounce back from anything!



Water signs:

The energy of this full moon in Capricorn will encourage you to be still, quiet your mind, & tap into your amazingly powerful intuition (because y’all be intuitive AF, but y’all knew that already!). See what messages come to your mind immediately & go from there. 

This full moon energy will also be encouraging you to find balance between your work life & your family life/relationships. It will also push you to prioritize your health because one of these areas have not getting enough attention. There may even be a talent or passion project of yours that’s not getting enough of your attention either & Spirit is asking you to nurture it a little more even if it’s little by little. You’re also being encouraged to prioritize your mental health & spiritual practices so that you can regain emotional balance, financial stability, or just have inner peace.

Cancer: Boundaries are a big thing for you right now Cancer. Boundaries in any area you've been giving too much of yourself in. It may also be that you need to set energetic boundaries. There may be energy vampires trying to steal from you. Protect your peace. On another note, this is a great time to collaborate with like minded people on a business venture. It will benefit you in the long run.

Scorpio: I don't know if you realize just how powerful & magnetic you are. Maybe you do know, but sometimes you disregard this gift. Because that's exactly what it is..a gift! Use your power of magnetism to draw in the resources, people, tools that you need right now. Affirmations or even writing down what you want can be a helpful tool to draw in what you want as well.

Pisces: Network, network, network! This is the perfect time to talk to people even if your normally shy! Why? Because the universe is supporting you as you put your ideas out there! You'll be able to attract a lot of attention & supporters especially through the internet. This also a great time to make a wish & put your intentions out there to the universe & have faith that what you want is coming to you even if your reality doesn't match your vision just yet.


Fire signs:

Just like I told the water signs, turn to your intuition help you make some tough decisions fire signs under this full moon in Capricorn energy. If you’re not feeling satisfied/fulfilled in your career, in a living situation, relationship, your college major (maybe school all together) or something along those lines...ask yourself first:

What do I want to do? 

What am I passionate about? 

What are my skills?

What will bring me fulfillment/satisfaction in my career/relationships/living situation?

Then ask your higher self/Spirit guides/ancestors/God/whoever you pray to what you can do to bring these changes into your life. You may even have a lot of vivid dreams during this time period that can give you a lot of insight about how to make these changes if you’ve been feeling stuck or unsure.

When you get these answers, you’re gonna have to make some decisions & for a lot of you these decisions will be bold AF, but your Spirit team is behind you 100% of course! Never forget that & say it with your chest! I keep getting this message for many of you that you’re feeling called to go into a more creative career such as writing, painting, music, content creation, blogging/vlogging, designing, fashion, or something along those lines. Doooo itttttt!

Aries: This is the perfect time to make changes to your career. Like is said above, if you're not happy with how things are going, then make that move & try something new & different. You may even feel called to re-try a project that you began in the past & gave up on. This time around, it will definitely work out for you especiall if you change your approach!

Leo: This is the perfect time to get more disciplined with your routine or make changes with it. Like I said to your sis Aries, this is also the perfect time to change your line of work especially if you're looking for something that pays more, gives you more freedom, or allows you to express more of your creative side. It might be time to start working for yourself. This is also a time where you need to get more disciplined about your health especially if you have any concerns.

Sagittarius: This full moon in Capricorn is urging you to change the way you look at money. Are you working at a place because of the money? Are in a career because of the "security" it gives you? Spirit wants you to do something that makes your heart sing! Find a career path that brings you an abundance of joy & trust that the money will follow!


Air signs:

Yassssss air signs I see  renewal, you stepping into the your power, & I love that for you. The full moon in Capricorn energy will be pushing you to be more confident in yourself or a lot more motivated about your career/goals after a time of confusion, uncertainty, having low energy, health issues, financial issues, or even boredom! If you’re still in this energy, I see you getting out of it veryyyy soon.

I also see new relationships entering your life that will be with you for the rest of you life. This could be a business partnership, a friendship, a new romantic partner, or even a new baby (you or someone close to you is definitely having a baby lol). It could even be that the bond in your current relationships are becoming even tighter because of the deep respect you have for each other or maybe you’ve been letting them get to know you even better. 

You may even be deciding to work more with a friend on a project which makes you both feel closer to each other. Another way this energy may manifest is that some of you may be moving in with your significant other or taking your relationship to the next level & have even more commitment (marriage, engagement, becoming exclusive)! Overall this will be a time period where putting yourself out there more, networking, collaboration, & relationships will be very beneficial for you emotionally as well as financially.

Gemini: This is a great time to put some money together with someone you trust to start or expand for a business venture. If you're doing this already, just know that spirit totally supports this & it will definitely be beneficial in the long run, someone with virgo or libra in their chart may be significant. Another thing I'm hearing for you is to release a scarcity mindset when it comes to your finances. It's like you know you can easily attract money but then you get nervous all over again sometimes. Stop that.

Libra: You're being called to focus more on your home life & your close relationships as well as your inner world. You've put so much emphasis on your work life & career but now spirit is wanting you to ask yourself...are you okay? Of course you have to work & get things done but make sure that you're checking in with yourself regularly, especially if difficult emotions have been coming up lately. Also, make sure to focus on your loved ones too & ask them if they're okay if you've noticed they've been going through a difficult time as well.

Aquarius: Pay very close attention to your dreams, daydreams, visions, symbols you keep seeing, messages your getting from music/tv, etc. because spirit is definitely talking to you & letting you know what's coming in the near future, what your next move should  be, or making you notice red flags. So yeah pay attention! This may also be a time period where you're breaking karmic cycles & finally releasing habits, beliefs, people, & anything that are no longer serving you to make room for what's right for you.


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