Full Moon in Aquarius 2021 Tarotscopes for your sign!

Full Moon in Aquarius 2021 Tarotscopes for your sign!

Want to know how this full moon in Aquarius, happening on July 23, 2021 will be effecting your sign? Well keep on reading then!


Hey, it's your girl Twan The Mystik from HausMystik.com and you already know, I'm back with your full moon tarotscopes. I hope the New Moon in Cancer Tarotscopes were helpful for you and brought you tons of insight! It's that time again and another full moon is here! On July 23, 2021 we will be having a full moon in the sign of Aquarius, the innovater, bringer of change, & authenticity. 

How The Full Moon in Aquarius Will Effect The Collective

Full moons are always a great time for releasing whatever doesn't serve you in order to make room for something new. Full moons are also a time when things are illuminated and revealed. With this full moon being in the sign of Aquarius, I'm getting star card vibes (from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck). If you're unfamiliar with tarot, the star card depicts a beautiful women that is completely naked pouring water out of one container into a stream of water as well as pouring water out of another container onto land.

The water pouring on the land spreads in different directions and begins new streams. The star card comes right after the tower card in the Rider-Waite tarot deck. The tower card is a card that indicates upheval, destruction, and a bit of chaos. The star card indicates peace, change, and new beginnings after a difficult time period, plus the star card is ruled by the sign of Aquarius!

Yes, the star card is ruled by Aquarius, butttt I believe the reason I feel like that card is great symbolism for this time period is because I know pretty much all of us have been GOING THROUGH IT since late May 2021! Many of us may have experienced difficulties or upsets in our relationships, finances, health, career, home environment, etc. or even had old painful memories resurface but we are now moving into a time period of more peace and smooth sailing.

Although we're moving into more peaceful times...there is something that must change in order to create that peace which is why some things fell apart! During this full moon in Aquarius, you may even begin to see even more shit fall apart but it's only to wake you the hell up and get you out there to find your happiness even if you have to get a little uncomfortable. Like I stated before, the Aquarius is the bringer of change and that Aquarian energy will always come in, flip shit upside down, and tear things up to create change but it's because this change is necessary. These changes are stripping away anything that has been masking our authentic selves!

This full moon in Aquarius happening on July 23, 2021 will also be activating our crown and third eye chakras, just like it did during the Cancer new moon. Many of you will continue to receive messages from your spirit guides, ancestors, deities you work with, God, etc. giving you very clear messages guiding you forward into new territory and showing you what may be keeping you stagnant. Take heed of these messages even if it scares you a little bit.

Another big theme of this full moon in Aquarius is figuring out what skills you have and how you can use them to make the world a better place or just how you can use them to help your friends/family. These dreams you're having may even be revealing what gifts you have that are connected to your purpose and can be used to benefit the collective as a whole. You may even receive some innovative ideas from your dreams as well so make sure you write them down!


Now lets talk about how this full moon in Aquarius will be effecting your sign! Make sure to read the message for your sun, moon, rising, venus, & mercury sign!


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Now let’s get into how the full moon in Aquarius will be effecting each sign!

Air signs:


Gemini: This full moon in Aquarius will be helping you to release your old perspective. You've been hurt a lot in the past and maybe this past year has been a little hectic, but now you're realizing how much your mind and beliefs really play a big part in your reality. Now is the time to finally release the past and get optimistic about your future. Looking into self help books or even different spiritual concepts you feel called towards can be very helpful at this time and will assist you even more with changing your perspective.



Libra: This full moon in Aquarius is going to be assisting you with walking away from anyone or anything that takes away from your happiness. It could even be your own dark thoughts that get in the way of your own happiness and may even prevent you from taking action on things you feel passionate about or called to do. You have a lot of innovative and creative ideas Libra so stop holding yourself back from doing them. Take action and remain consistent! Also remain consistent with your self care too because some of y'all been slacking. Y'all are ruled by Venus...you NEED that time to pamper yourself in order to get anything done.


Aquarius: This full moon in Aquarius will be making you realize all the ways you hold yourself back from making progress. Although you're someone that loves change and excitement, you're also someone that's very stuck in your ways (that's that fixed sign energy). Definitely not trying to drag you Aquarius, but your spirit guides have been seeing you in the same cycle or doing things the same way you've always done them, now it's time to put your foot down and make these changes you know you need to make. You're going through a rebirth that will require you to end this cycle.



Water Signs:


Cancer: This full moon in Aquarius will be encouraging you to look back in your childhood or sometime in the past (maybe even recent past) & see how heartbreaks/betrayals/disappointments you've experienced in friendships, romantic relationships, family relationships, business partnerships etc. have deeply effected you and maybe even your confidence. Maybe it makes you feel like you can't trust people and/or makes it hard for you to get close to people. It may even make you procrastinate or even unmotivated to share your amazing gifts and insights with the world because of fear of disappointment or riddicule. It may even be fear of the responsibility success comes with and how it may require you to get assistance from others. Whatever it is, spirit wants you to break free so that this no longer puts limitations on you. Releasing these limitations will be a catalyst for a rebirth.


Scorpio: This new moon in Aquarius will bringing big changes to your home life! I saw this for you during the new moon and this full moon may be the time period when you finally just say "f*ck it" and take the leap. You're supported as you move towards a more suited home environment. Another thing that may be happening for you during this time period is realizing how trauma, having an absent parent, or a chaotic home environment during your childhood may make you a bit of an overthinker and super anxious but I see you finally moving past this by going to therapy, transmuting the energy through channeling it into something creative and/or by simply just saying you will no longer allow it to bring you down anymore.


Pisces: This full moon in Aquarius is assisting you with breaking cycles. I gave a similar message to Aquarius so you may want to read their message too. The difference for you though is that your spirit guides want you to embody this Aquarius energy by no longer people pleasing and detaching from people that take advantage of your giving nature. Your spirit guides also want you to embrace that unique energy of Aquarius and be different AF! We live in a society where everyone is the same carbon copy of one another but you need to step away from the norm and be your most authentic self, whatever that looks like! Don't be afraid to show your authentic self to the world either! You'll inspire others to do the same!




Earth Signs:


Taurus: This full moon in Aquarius will have you looking more at your public image or thinking more about the future of your career path. This may be a time where you decide to make changes with your job/career and make changes how you do your work. Maybe you're deciding you don't want to work so hard all your life and now thinking ouf how you can make passive streams of income and thinking of innovative ideas that you know will benefit the collective as well as your bank account. You may even thinking about how you can continue to grow your wealth for you and your family in the years to come.


Virgo: This full moon in Aquarius will be encoraging you take a look at your daily routine. Do you spend your days doing what you love or doing a lot of shit you really  don't really want to? Are you at a job you dont care for becasue of the money but it's draining you, f*ck that job! Are you in an occupation that doesn't pay you what your worth, get out of there! Maybe even some of you recently got let go from a job. Whatever is going on, spirit is giving you free time to experiment with new ideas or have more freedom in your career which will bring you your desired success. This may also be the perfect time to look into alternative healing modalities to assist you with having better health as well as foods that can help with nourishing your body.


Capricorn: This full moon in Aquarius will be assisting you with 1. realizing your worth and 2. realizing that you can earn an income from being your most unique and authentic self as well as from your out of this world ideas. Just like I said to the other earth signs, this is the perfect time to start experimenting with ideas and seeing what works for you because the old ways just aren't cutting it anymore! Take some time to relax and get in tune with spirit and ask what's the best way to increase your income or what ideas are worth taking action on. You'll know what to do next!




Fire Signs:


Aries: This full moon in Aries will be assisting you with removing old relationships in your life that no longer serve you and bring in new ones that will not only be beneficial to you emotionally but will also benefit your career. You may be wary of people because of past experiences (said this same message to Cancer, you may want to read their message too) but this full moon will be helping you to move past that so that you make new connections. It's time to stop being so closed off Aries and open up a little more! If you've been feeling called to slide into someone's DMs, inbox, etc to do a collab with them, please shoot your shot! You never know where it may lead you! Collaboration with friends that are already in your circle will be very beneficial as well.


Leo: This full moon in Aquarius will be assisting you with relationships as well Leos. The difference is that you'll know where you stand in relationships. You may have noticed how some relationships in your life are very one sided and how you often give way more than you receive. You'll also be realizing which relationships actually fill you up, make you feel good, and never leave you feeling drained. This may also be a time where many of you may also be thinking more about marriage or actually making things more official especially if you have someone special in your life! A lot of you will also be thinking way more about comittment but not just with relationships but comittment to your goals. Especially if you haven't been taking things seriously, I see many of you deciding to tighten up and get serious now that you're older or some type of incident that happens that makes you realize that you need to get your shit together.


Sagittarius: This full moon in Aquarius will be helping you to get past a difficult time period and move foreward in a new direction! Even though you're someone that's naturally very optimistic, you have been going through some shit that may make you not so optimistic about your future. I definitely see some new financial opportunities coming your way. I also see new ideas that are being revealed to you that will also bring in more streams of income, but you may need to get your mind right RIGHT NOW! Like I mentioned earlier, you've been going through it with no breaks and no help or past trauma that makes you doubt yourself that has been resurfacing, which may be messing with your optimism. It won't be easy, but work on trying to have some positive thoughts throughout your day. I know all of your thoughts will be great but when your mind goes to those dark places, look for reasons to uplift yourself, and if you feel like you can't do it, call up a friend or family member that always makes you laugh to help you out. You'll be feeling ike your old self again soon.


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