7 Reasons Why You Need Rose Quartz Crystal & How to Use It

7 Reasons Why You Need Rose Quartz Crystal & How to Use It

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Rose quartz crystal is a very popular crystal! It’s probably because of its beautiful soft pink color...it just melts your heart doesn’t it? I have been working with rose quartz crystal for a long time now & I can truly say that it’s powerful af! It helped me attract love & abundance, heal from heartbreak, boosted my self esteem & creativity, plus much more! I have a huge rose quartz crystal chunk on my night stand that I sleep with almost every night! It helps me sleep so peacefully! Rose quartz crystal is known as the love stone. It helps to heal matters of love & even the physical heart due to emotional trauma. Do you feel drawn to rose quartz crystal or thinking of trying it? This list will give you 7 reasons why you need to use rose quartz crystal in your everyday life!



  1. Rose quartz crystal heals heartbreak.


Have you experienced a heartbreak so terrible that you wondered if you would get over it or even love again? I have too! Well I’m assuming you said yes because I feel like pretty much everyone has experienced some devastating things in their lives! Holding on to that trauma can make you bitter, cold, depressed, moody, anxious, angry, etc. or even cause physical pain within the heart! Rose quartz crystal can help with that! To heal heartbreak, lay down with a piece of rose quartz crystal on your heart chakra (middle of chest) with eyes closed. Reflect on heartbreaking situations that have occurred, think of the lessons you’ve learned from them & what you can take away from the situation. Ask your ancestors/spirit guides/favorite deities associated with love such as Oshun/angels to help you let go of the situations with love. Ask them to help you with opening yourself up to giving & receiving love. Do this as many times as you need to.



  1. Rose quartz crystal heals sexual trauma


Sexual/womb trauma can be caused by rape, molestation, abusive or toxic sexual partners, abortions, miscarriages & things of that nature. Going through those things can be very painful & when not dealt with on an emotional, spiritual, & physical level, it can cause shame, guilt, & depression which can also lead to health problems with the womb! Our emotions are tied to our health y’all! Always remember that! Anyway...to heal womb/sexual trauma, lay down with a rose quartz crystal on your heart chakra (middle of chest) & sacral chakra (2 inches below your belly button). Visualize glowing pink light emitting from your rose quartz & going into your heart chakra. Imagine the light traveling to your solar Plexus & then to the rose quartz that’s on your sacral chakra. See that piece begin to light up while the light begins to enter your sacral chakra. Tell your womb that you love it over & over again (as many times as you want). Then ask your angels/ancestors/spirit guides/fave deities associated with the womb such as Yemaya to help you release negative energy stored within the womb.



  1. Rose quartz crystal boosts self esteem/self love


Y’all, the most important thing you can do in your life it love yourself. When you truly love yourself you don’t allow yourself to be in toxic or unsatisfying situations, you take care of yourself, you’re confident, & in tune with yourself. You’re able to give love to others & aren’t afraid of receiving love either. Heartbreak & trauma can make you feel as if you don’t deserve love or make it feel out of reach. To boost self love, wear rose quartz crystal jewelry or carry a piece with you! Before using or wearing it, speak your intention into your crystal. You can say “rose quartz, help me love myself so that I am confident & have the ability to be loved & give love freely”. You can also do a self love bath! Fill your tub up with warm water. Add milk, honey, brown sugar, my Love Like Whoa Oil & rose petals to the water. Put rose quartz crystals around the tub. Infuse your bath water with love by saying “I now infuse this water with love” while moving your hands around in the water. Soak in the tub for 20-30 mins.



  1. Rose quartz crystal attracts love & mends relationships


Like I mentioned earlier, rose quartz crystal is known as the “love stone”! It can be great for attracting a variety of loving relationships such as a passionate romantic relationship, long term friendships & business partnerships, etc. I used rose quartz crystal to attract my current relationship. It may sound crazy but I did! I would sit cross leg position while holding my rose quartz with my eyes closed. I would visualize myself in a happy & loving relationship that was healing, romantic, & passionate. I asked goddess Lakshmi to help draw this love into my life & about a month later...he came! So it works! Results may vary depending on how much inner work you’ve been doing & your level of self love (my Love Like Whoa Oil helps to boost self love & attract love as well). Rose quartz can also help to mend relationships through helping you to forgive others even if you decide not to mend the relationship since forgiving is really for you. To help bring more harmony to a romantic relationship, put a piece of rose quartz crystal between you & your significant other while you two are asleep. To help mend a friendship/family relationship, while holding your rose quartz crystal visualize you & the other person with a pink light traveling from your heart to their heart.



  1. Rose quartz crystal boosts creativity


Rose quartz crystal can inspire you to get way more in touch with your artistic side! This stone is associated with the planet Venus & Venus is the planet of creativity. Having writers block? Rose quartz crystal is the stone for you! It will help your words to flow out beautifully. I often keep this stone around me when I’m working on my creative projects. I noticed that when I do that, I really notice that my heart sings with joy while I’m working on the project! If you would like to boost your creativity with rose quartz, keep it in your environment while working on your project. If you’re trying to think of an idea for a project, close your eyes while you hold a rose quartz crystal & wonderful ideas will begin to pop into your mind!



  1. Rose quartz crystal creates a peaceful environment & wards off negativity


This crystal is great for creating a loving & harmonious environment. Rose quartz is the love stone. Love has a very high vibration & can be used to ward off negativity. That’s must be why they say love is the highest emotion of all. Simply keeping rose quartz crystal all around your house, on your desk at work (or any other work space), in your car, in your purse, in your pocket, etc. you can repel negativity. It will help you to strengthen your aura & remove aura leaks! It’s definitely great for expecting mothers! It protects the unborn baby from harm & negative energy while still in the womb. It also sends love & Peace to the baby. When I was pregnant with my son, I would put rose quartz crystal on my stomach. He loved it! It felt like he was reaching for the crystal so he could keep it for himself!




  1. Rose quartz crystal helps you get in touch with your inner goddess


Yes rose quartz crystal can help you get in tune with the energy of the divine feminine. It reawakens your heart to love, reminding you of your capacity to both give and receive unconditional love from yourself, other beings, & the Universe. Rose quartz is the embodiment of divine femininity & Yin energy! Awakening your inner goddess allows you to become a lot more confident, intuitive, & increases your your ambition & productivity. It also allows you to see the divine nature of others. To awaken your divine feminine energy, hold your rose quartz crystal in your hands while saying this chant:



 Adi shakti (primal power), adi shakti, adi shakti, namo namo 

Sarab shakti (all-encompassing power), sarab shakti, sarab shakti, namo namo,

Prithum bhagawati (divine creation), prithum bhagawati, prithum bhagawati, namo namo,

Kundalini mata shakti (mother of all energy), mata shakti, namo namo.


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Here is my video that talks more about all of the lovely benefits of rose quartz crystal:

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